Written October 24th, 2020

By Raymond Moses

Hello everyone,

My name is Raymond Moses. From 2019 to 2020 I worked at Conduent Federal Solutions for the Federal Worker’s Compensation program they had on contract with the Department of Labor.

In early 2020, a new company was awarded their own operations contact (imagine it like call center contract and the like) for DOL’s Federal Workers Comp. That company was CNSI, a company with many accolades and an extensive history for working with various state and federal agencies.

Link to the official announcement of changes in 2020 by Department of Labor:

Transition of OWCP Medical Bill Processing to New Vendor Starting April 27

So, as one could imagine, there are many changes to navigate through.  I am here to share insight on how to accomplish things that right now may be stuck for you.  I have a great track record in helping clients, medical providers, and Department of Labor personnel resolves issues such as: claims & authorization denials, web portal troubleshooting, IT Helpdesk resolution, provider enrollment issues, resolution for medical claims that claimants were improperly billed for and even sent to collections, and so on.

Nowadays, The OWCP Web Bill Processing portal has an online enrollment wizard for new providers.  Click here for the link.  Once approved, your OWCP Provider ID will be mailed to you. Or you could call the provider enrollment phone line and they might be able to give it to you once your application is processed towards approval.

The signature page of the DOL Provider Enrollment for (Form OWCP-1168)

About The Author

Raymond Moses

Hi. I am Ray. I am a web development specialist with an entry level career background in medical billing and IT Helpdesk Support. I have expertise in deploying and configuring web servers and applications. I am also the owner of Digital Electrons Web Solutions, a sole proprietorship company.  Technology is the digital backbone of our culture so it is important to keep pace with new innovations. I help individuals and small business owners setup online solutions for their personal and business needs.